Jan 12
Island Kauai, Na Pali Coast
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Thousands of people move to Hawaii each year from the U.S. mainland, Asia, South Pacific, and abroad.Because of the state’s rather isolated location, the only way to move goods is via air or sea transportation. Therefore, it is next to impossible to move entirely by oneself and necessary to hire a moving company or relocation specialist to aid in moving furniture, boxes, and other essential items to people’s new homes and new lives in Hawaii.Most companies based in Hawaii offer domestic, international, inter-island, and local services.On the other hand, most companies based on the U.S. mainland offer only services to Hawaii from points on the contiguous 48 states. Relocating to Hawaii

Aloha International Moving Services does residential as well as industrial relocation and has been doing so for several years.The accredited mover has several warehouses in Hawaii in order to accommodate the times of its customers.While Aloha International Moving Services is a traditional relocation company that will pack-up belongings, transport them to Hawaii, and unpack them, one of the new ways of moving is the use of pods.Pods, short for Portable on demand Storage, has revolutionized moving and storage by letting customers back their containers at their leisure and having them picked up when filled.

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